Condominium Management

Condominium Management

We perform a service of administration and management of the maintenance of your condominium, based on the efficiency of the building and the well-being of those who live in it.



Our team integrates professionals in the field
condominium management since 2014, the
Landing Adventure Unip, Lda., merges-if with
Iportuguesa - Management of condominiums and
Facility Management by increasing
management, maintenance and

Aware of the challenge, we are side by side
with our customers, promoting the
sustainable economy in the management and
Administration of services provided.


Focusing on Agil management, the team
adaptstothe needs of customers to
a good experience of service and well-being
of all the utilities in the building.

The administration ensures quality in the
service provided, with technical knowledge
effective, efficient and efficient modes of operation


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