Buyer Customer Representation

Buyer Customer Representation

Buyer Customer Representation

Represent the buyer customer

This service was created for those who do not have time to do a search in the purchase of real estate.

This same research will be done through one of our consultants throughout the real estate market and not only in the properties that Portuguese Real Estate has raised.


What is the purpose of creating this service?


  • Customer qualification and understand what you are looking for
  • Market research to check properties corresponding to the customer's requirement
  • Presentation of properties with respective visits
  • Representation of the client in the business process
  • Representation of the client in the deed process
  • We take care of any works you may want to do (construction costs not included)
  • We organize the process of decoration + change (decoration costs + change not included)
  • We monetize the investment (profitability commission paid in part)
  • We sell your property
  • Any question can be suggested and evaluated later


Is a contract signed?

An exclusive contract is made that is molded to each client. Our commitment is to have a consultant dedicated exclusively to this type of clients. The duration of the contract is between 3 and 6 months after the contract is signed.


When is the commission paid?

The commission is paid as follows: 15% of it is paid at the time of award, the remaining 85% is paid in the act of "promise of sale" or "lease"



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